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The Sounds of Satisfaction

Vladas Straupas is known to me not only as a contributor to shaping my taste in music, an amazing and subtle DJ, but also as a capable connoisseur of sound quality. I’ve been listening to his music mixes for many years and the sound quality he achieves in his work continues to amaze me. He processes an analog remaster of ANY musical compositions and turns it into a completely new work of art. You start to hear what was once hidden from your extremely sensitive eardrums. Vladas raises the bar for anyone preparing a track for final mastering! When you compare his new version and the old one the difference is just obvious. His work is the pinnacle of analog audio proficiency. You need to try it as well ...

Remigijus Funkit Ruokis
Composer, musician, producer, publisher

Vladas has the natural talent and years of experience with tape machines to bring out all the potential sonic quality of your mixes.

Minuit De Lacroix
Film score composer
Electronic music producer

I recommend. Work is done responsibly and professionally.

Laimontas Lainius Dinius
Composer, musician

AnalogFather offer high quality analog tape mastering on high quality equipment! Recommended for all analog sound fans as well as for vinyl production!

Deniss Funk
Composer, musician

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